Request a Module

Request a Module

Is what’s going to be asked in your interview not covered in the Clinical Interview?

Shoot us an email at least 10 days before your test, and Dr. Alyssa will cover the topic, if she can, by the time of your interview. (hint: the earlier the better, so don’t wait to ask!)

Please use the following format in the email, it helps us keep track of everything and also helps make sure we have all the information we need to make a module that has the information you need in it.

Subject: Clinical Interview Content Request

Interview school:

Interview date:

What content you need:

If you have a PDF or a screenshot of information the program gave you, please include that in this email. This ensures nothing is lost in translation. What you sent us is always completely confidential.

-If something similar was asked in previous years, please type of what you know about it to make sure Dr. Alyssa covers that area.

Send email at