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Dr. Alyssa’s course is the best thing that I did for myself in the entire application process. By meticulously working on the things that she mentioned in the feedback session, I got accepted into three US dental schools this year. I learn a lot from this course and I am very excited to use that knowledge in the dental school.

I am so happy that I have chosen Dr. Alyssa course. It was incredibly useful. Thanks’ to it I was admitted in IDP San Antonio Texas 2015. I applied two year in a row and in my second year that course helped me a lot. I learned the basic requirements. The feedback was very constructive and motivating. Made me want to do the perfect preparation and I saw my mistakes more clearly. I loved the meetings where we discussed the upcoming interviews. I felt prepared and I knew what they were looking for. Thank you so much for all the help!

Hello Everyone !! I applied to seven schools last year and got three interview calls. First one was Indiana and that was my first interview. I got enrolled in Dr.Marshall’s online course, videos are really good and she explained each and every preparation meticulously. A very good thing about online course is, we can send pictures of our preps and get feedback. She’ll point out the mistakes and the possible ways to avoid them. But, unfortunately I was not able to send my preparations more as my iv was on short notice. She is a great teacher as well as a kind women, I felt very comfortable working with her. I’m very happy to say that I got acceptance from Buffalo and Pacific. This wouldn’t be possible without Dr. Marshall and I express my sincere gratitude to her. I would highly recommend to take Dr. Marshall’s course and it is definitely worth it!

I got an acceptance from University of Buffalo. Thank you very much. Your videos and feedbacks have been very helpful.Thank you very much for following up with me and taking such good care.

The online course was really good. Dr. Alyssa took into consideration that my exam was in just one week. She catered the course to my needs and made some videos just for me instead of just saying it was not available. The prep feedback came back so soon too which helped me.

I’d definitely suggest everybody to take a bench test prep course before they even go for an interview or a bench test. We are almost broke after applying everywhere and this online course is a cheaper option. It’s great value for your money.

I remember how Dr. Alyssa said to take each interview as a golden opportunity. I didn’t do that at first. When I got several interview calls I thought I’d have multiple acceptances.

The interview and bench test at Howard was the toughest and most comprehensive of all interviews I went to this year. I don’t think I would’ve made it in if I didn’t enroll in the course.

Hi! I have really good news I was accepted at UTHSCSA ! I received a call from them last Friday. I am very happy.They are very nice and friendly which helps so much in those stressfull situations.Thank you for all your help!!! I really appreciate everything!