#19 Cl II AT

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[s3mediastream]s3streamingvideo,Approaching Class II Techniques,3,0,0,Common-Mistakes+approaching-class-2-techniques-3-16-15.mp4,,3600,,,internationaldentistcentral.com,top-left,,no,600,350,yes,bottom,,,,,no,no,no,internationaldentistcentral,0[/s3], [s3mediastream]s3streamingvideo,Diverent Proximal Profile,36,0,0,Common-Mistakes+divergent_proximal_profile.mp4,,3600,,,,bottom-left,,no,600,350,yes,bottom,,,#666,,no,no,no,internationaldentistcentral,0[/s3]


  1. anithaarasu

    Hi Alyssa . thanks for your feedback. will work on it. And one more doubt is the other day you asked me to start with lower molar full gold preparations. So should i practice chamfer in a tooth where Class 2 cavity is prepared or I have to do a full crown prep like occlusal reduction too. And which videos should I watch for lower molar full gold crown preps from mastery?