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Upgrade to Fully Prepared: More Feedbacks + 1 on 1 Sessions with Dr. Alyssa

Add 3 additional months of *daily feedbacks (6 months total) + two 30-minute guidance sessions with Dr. Alyssa so that you can work closely with her to perfect your skills before any upcoming bench tests.

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Take your interview skills to the next level with over 50 hours of interview focused videos along with 3 hours of 1 on 1 interview preparation with one of our interview experts. Perfect for your upcoming advanced standing and residency interview workshop interviews.

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Get the Edge You Need to Prepare for Clinical Evaluations

Preparing for a Virtual Bench Test
Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
Radiology (10 modules)
Periodontal Diagnosis (4 modules)
Endodontic Diagnosis (3 modules)
Restorative Dentistry (7 modules)
Restoring Missing Tooth/Teeth (4 modules)
Treatment Planning
Case Studies (5 modules)
Cavity Preparation Evaluations (3 modules)
Crown Preparation Evaluations (5 modules)
Restoration/Wax-Up Evaluations

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